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What Wood Type is Best?

The Classic Question…

What is the best wood for my wine cellar?

When a customer makes the decision to purchase a custom wine cellar, they have to select a wood to build it in.

We have selected five quality woods that we purchase in quantity and pass the saving onto you.

Wood Grain Patterns

Redwood Grain Size Comparison

Premium Redwood w/ Premium Redwood w/ Dark Walnut stain
Dark Walnut stain w/ lacquer

Each tree has its own distinct grain. As a result, we offer woods with a variety of different patterns.
Most woods offered feature a fairly straight grain. A few varieties feature curly or wavy grain.
Appearances vary based on types of wood. Grain types can determine how a piece of wood is milled.
We are experienced in working with woods of all different grain patterns.

Rustic Pine Wood Grain Size Comparison

Rustic Pine
w/ Dark Stain Rustic Pine w/ Dark stain &

Wood Milling Terminology

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