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Split Refrigeration Systems Units

Split refrigeration wine cellar systems are custom designed units made exclusively to cool an entire wine cellar. The Winezone Ductless Split wine refrigeration system includes a wall-mounted evaporator. These wine refrigeration system is ideal when ductwork is not an option. This system will also maintain optimal wine cellar humidity with the addition of one of our humidification fountains.

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For small wine spaces like cabinets or closets, this new Whisperkool Platinum Split Mini system handles up to 500 cubic feet with ease. The Platinum Split sets the new standard for in-cellar split systems. This Whisperkool Platinum Split WH-P-4000S-WALL is designed for room up to 1000 cubic feet. The Quiet and efficient operation of this Whisperkool Platinum Split is ideal for wine cellars up to 2,000 cubic feet.
WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 2800 Series WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 3800 Series WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 5700 Series
WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 8800 Series
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