WineMaker Series Wine Rack Measuring Guide

WineMaker Series Wine Racks

 Our WineMakerSeries wine racks are truly a modular wine storage application that lends to the appearance of a custom built wine cellar, all at a fraction of the cost! These wine racks are all crafted from Premium Redwood or  Classic Pine, and can be stacked to reach a height starting at 71 1/16”, and with multiple molding packages may go as high as 104 5/16”. Available stain options for this unique premium redwood wine rack collection are  natural unstained, classic mahogany stain, dark walnut stain, and a midnightblack stain.

Step 1 : Measure the room. Make sure to collection several measurements for each wall and the ceiling every few feet.

Step 2 : Choose the wine racks. There are many wine rack styles to choose from. Factors such as your total ceiling height, and whether you would like to stack your wine racks or not should be factored into this decision, as this will limit or control what you can accomplish.

Step 3 : Choose the moldings and applicable base platforms that coordinate with each specific wine rack that you select. Base and crown packages, center beam moldings, as well as base platforms are all available.  

Built with Volusion
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